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1.What are the policy for EXIM?
Click on Export to view the policy for EXIM .
2. What are the Schemes for Export & Import?
Click on 'Export' or 'Scheme' to view the Schemes for Export & Import.
3. What is Bar Coding?
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4. What is MEPZ?
To download diagnostic study report on Clusters operated in Tamilnadu & Puduchery click on Diagnostic Study Report.
5. What is EIEO/EPC?
Click on 'Schemes' then 'Cluster' to view schemes for Cluster
6. What are the Up coming Seminars?
Go to home page and click 'Seminar' to view up coming seminars.
7. What are the Up coming Trade Fair?
Go to home page and click 'Trade fair' to view up coming Trade Fairs.
8. How to Export and what is the procedure?
9. How to get Export licence?