Government of India - Ministry of MSME.

MSME Development Institute, Chennai

CSIR Directories

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1 CSIR HQRS,New Delhi
2 Advanced Materials and Process Research Institute(AMPRI),Bhopal
3 Central Building Research Institute,Roorkee
4 Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology ,Hyderabad
5 Central Drug Research Institute,Lucknow
6 Central Electrochemical Research Institute,Karaikudi
7 Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute,Pilani
8 Central Food Technological Research Institute,Mysore
9 Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute,Kolkata
10 Central Institute of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants,Lucknow
11 Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research,Dhanabad
12 Central leather Research Institute,Chennai
13 Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute,Durgapur
14 Central Road Research Institute,New Delhi
15 Central Scientific Instruments Organisation,Chandigarh
16 Central Salt & Marine Chemaicals Research Institute,Bhav Nagar
17 Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology,Delhi
18 Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology,Palambur
19 Indian Institute of Chemical Biology,Kolkata
20 Indian Institute of Chemical Technology,Hyderabad
21 Indian Institute of Petroleum,Dehradun
22 Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine(IIIM),Jammu
23 Indian Institute of Toxicology Research,Lucknow
24 Institute of Microbial Technology,Chandigarh
25 Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology(IMMT),Bhubaneswar
26 National Aerospace Laboratories,Bangalore
27 National Botanical Research Institute,Lucknow
28 National Chemical Laboratory,Pune
29 National Environment Engineering Research Institute,Nagpur
30 National Geophysical Research Institute,Hyderabad
31 National Institute of Interdisciplanary Sceince & Technology,Tiruvananthapuram
32 National Institute of Oceanography,Goa
33 National Institute of Science Communication And Information Resources,New Delhi
34 National Institute of Science,Technology and Development Studies,New Delhi
35 National Metallurgical Laboratory,Jamshedpur
36 National Physical Laboratory,New Delhi
37 North-East Institute of Science and Technology,Jorhat
38 Structural Engineering Research Centre,Chennai